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What is WuShu(Martial Art)? From the literal meaning of the Chinese word 武Wu which can be divided into two parts: one is “zhi” which means stop or prevent, the other 

is “ge” which means war or fighting, therefore the two parts of this word combined together mean stop wars and prevent fighting.


Martial Art has a long history. The earliest forms of Martial Art can be traced back to ancient China more than 4,000 years ago during the Xia dynasty. Martial Art is originally from the 

military and wars. The generals had to teach all their soldiers useful combat skills when 

protecting their country. During many generations of generals they had summarised and

refined all information from numerous skills into different categories, which included armed and unarmed combat. Nowadays Martial Art combines combat skills, Tao Lu(fists and 

weapons) and KungFa (the way to practice).People who practice Martial Art will not only 

become healthy, powerful and flexible but will also cultivate their minds.


The benefits of practising Martial Art are many because the movements are not easy to 

practise, however after a while you can master the movements that will give your body 

flexibility, fast reaction, coordination and power. You will also learn sports quickly. At the 

same time you will keep healthy with more power and flexibility to protect your body than

you had before but the most important thing you get from practising Martial Art is to 

cultivate your minds and characters. After years of practising Martial Art you will be more 

confident, you will always keep a positive attitude in your mind and you will learn how to 

face challenges with a positive attitude.

About JoJo (Hua Xue) 


- Six Duan of Martial Arts (Tai Chi and Kung Fu)

  About Duan system: https://www.shaolins.com/DuanLevel

- 1st class National Judge

- NZ WuShu Kung Fu Federation Member and head coach

- Master’s Degree from Beijing Sports University

- Gold medals in China for both national and international competitions.

- Champion of the New Zealand and Oceania WuShu Competition  

- International teaching experience in Germany, Italy, Malaysia, Russia and NZ

- Excels at teaching Wu Shu, Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Tai Chi Rou Li Ball

- Author of TaiChi Rou Li Ball: Teach and Learn (Publisher: Beijing Sports University)


“JoJo has a serious level at both academic and physical, which is a rare find and really stand out, she captivates people and will appeal to range of demographics.”

                                              - Glen Keith, President of NZ KungFu Wushu Federation