NZ Kung Fu Wu Shu federation president come to visit our class!

Glen Keith Who is NZ Kung Fu Wu Shu federation president came to visit us on Tuesday 22nd July.


I believe we had a wonderful evening. Glen was very happy to see students' demo and hope can see everyone in competition soon. My students did the basic kicks and routines all once in a time, and they were all did a good job. I believe if they can show in front of people by themselves they are success and I am proud of eveyone. In the meantime, I can see that students need more chance to build up their confidence. I have every confidence in you and I am always here to help you. Be patient to yourself and work hard.

I am sure we can do a better job in September competition.

Also, the competition is not far away because we only have about 2 months. We will enroll next month.

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