CNSST KUNGFUWORLD’s first Wu Shu Competition

On the 9th September 2017, CNSST Kungfuworld held its first Wu Shu Competition. This activity was organized by CNSST Kungfuworld Head Coach Xue Hua (Jojo) and her students: Peter Gordon & Robert Lui. The event was to bring all her students together to test their skills amongst each other. The purpose of holding such a large event is to get students improve their skills while also making a lot of new friends. A large range of items included individual and group performances whilst at the same time promoting Wu Shu.

Kids fist individual events:

Sunnynook Group Sword:

Parnell Group Sword:

Glenfield Group Fist:

Not only there were children group items but also demonstrations performed by adults. Tai Chi and Kung Fu demonstrations by the adults weren’t scored, but to show to the public the broad spectrum of Wu Shu. Tai Chi performances involved:

Group Yang Style:

Group Chen Sword Style:

Group Fan:

CNSST KUNGFUWORLD also has an adults Kung Fu group. The team also performed on that day:

Last event of the competition was a special performance. CNSST KUNGFUWORLD’s own unique routine directed by Head Coach Xue Hua (Jojo).

CNSST Kung Fu world-- a big family

CNSST KUNGFUWORLD’s first Wu Shu Competition was a huge success. It wouldn’t be possible thanks to the organizers, participants and families who supported the event.

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